When you think about preparing for a new job, it’s easy to get caught up in interview prep. What to wear, how to comb your hair, the proper handshake, being sure to sit upright–all of these things go into creating a great first impression. Your first impression to an employer doesn’t come in the form of the interview, though: It comes from your resume. That resume has to do a lot of work, especially considering it’s only paper and it has to compete against countless others to get recognized.

So no matter how good your interview game is, you won’t even get a chance to test it out if your resume doesn’t catch someone’s attention. These three free TechRepublic PDF downloads are filled with strategies to help you do just that.

20 resume mistakes to watch out for

There are plenty of ways to make your resume nothing but fodder for the recycle bin, and it’s perilously easy to make a mistake like one of the 20 covered in this downloadable PDF. A sure-fire way to make one of these mistakes is to treat your resume as nothing more than a hurdle to landing an interview. The resume is your first impression and you need to make it as honest, attention-grabbing, and flawless as possible.

This download not only teaches which mistakes to avoid, it also covers why they’re so devastating. From common mistakes like grammar errors to surprising mistakes like including references and spilling on to a second page, this free career guide will have your resume looking sharp in no time.

14 tips for getting your resume through an applicant tracking system

An unfortunate fact of the machine learning age we live in is that it’s increasingly difficult to get through to a human–the same goes for applying to large businesses, who increasingly rely on software to filter out promising applicants from the rest. That means you don’t just have to tailor your resume for C-suite executives anymore–you also have to tailor it to the AI that reads it first.

There are certain things you have to do if you’re applying to a large company that uses filtering software (and assume that all of them do), like being sure to include keywords, keeping your resume tightly focused on the role you’re applying for, and formatting dates properly. You can get all 14 tips by downloading this free PDF. 

19 words that don't belong on your resume

Knowing how to write can unlock doors, and using the 19 words and phrases in this downloadable PDF can shut them just as quickly. Setting aside the obviously inappropriate words to put on a resume, this guide will show you which words not to use, why you shouldn’t use them, and what to say instead.

So before you tell a prospective employer what you were “responsible for,” how you did your job “skillfully,” are “detail-oriented,” or worked on “cutting-edge” technology, check out this guide.