One day a year the Web turns into a quagmire of uselessness. It wasn’t the heavens falling down as someone’s blackberry pre-emptively called an end to daylight savings.

It was that day that’s full of half-funny, geek-orientated humour — and with timezone differences, it lingers well into April 2 for Aussies. Thanks to Google though, we are now able to see who can pick a joke, and who cannot.

There were, however, some important developments in the software world this week — seriously.

OOXML became an ISO standard despite Australia’s abstention.

Lana Kovacevic took a look at pseudo classes in CSS and tested the big four browsers for compatibility. Some pointed out in the comments that we didn’t use the next beta version of Opera, therefore Lana followed up later in the week with the tests in Opera 9.50.

In the land of videos we chatted to Gernot Heiser about the convergence of monolithic kernels and microkernels and Dan Bricklin spoke about his work on Visicalc and now SocialCalc.

If the Sandgropers get their way we’ll all be relocating to Perth. “Silicon Valley — but with soul” they are calling it, the “soul” will come from having housing in the same area as the offices — but it does leave one 15 minutes from the Perth CBD. Sounds more like a gulag than a technology park.