When you insert a footnote or endnote, Word moves the insertion point to the footnote/endnote area. You enter the appropriate text and then what? Word seems to leave you stranded. There’s no dedicated method that returns you to the main document precisely where you were working when you inserted the footnote or endnote. However, there is a keyboard shortcut that you can use: [Shift]+[F5].
The [Shift]+[F5] keyboard shortcut cycles through your last edits. After entering the footnote or endnote text, just press [Shift]+[F5] and most of the time, it will take you directly to the insertion point. However, it’s important to note that this shortcut does not take you back to the point where you inserted the current footnote or endnote. Rather, it will take you back to your last edit. Almost every time, the insertion point and the last edit spot will be the same — that’s why this trick works. If the shortcut takes you some place other than the insertion point, try pressing [Shift]+[F5] until you reach the right spot.