Revenge of the Jocks.
The Jocks strike back.
Wiierd Science.
Wiied Dawn.

Are Wii having fun yet?

Whichever 1980s movie pun you want to use, all of them are applicable to Nintendo’s new Wii (disclaimer… I don’t have one.  Yet…).  The Wii may be hands down the most interesting (in gameplay terms) of the three “Next Gen” consoles.  Gameplay simulates REAL gameplay… so to hit the ball in WII-Sports(Tennis), swing the WIImote like a racket.  To hit the long bunker shot in WII-Sports(Golf), use it like a 7 iron.  But one thing struck me as VERY odd, and insidiously disturbing.  For the first time, the best jock in the family will rule over the thinkers.  Yes, Virginia, the Wii is the Jocks Revenge.

Back in the 1980s, computer geeks reinvented our country, our WORLD, with the introduction of things like computergames, game consoles, and PCs.  Oh, and all those really good MRIs, Catscans, LCDs, HDTVs, CDs, the Internet (I bet you never realized how Geeky Al Gore was, did you?), the International Space Station, modern media, WIKIPEDIA, Google, etc.  But let’s not digress, we’re talking the really important things, like computergames and game consoles.  For the first few years, the games were simple… Geeks ruled, because we practiced, but ultimately, the guys with twitch reflexes caught up to our Dig-Dug, Centipede, and Donkey Kong ways.  While some geeks still had good twitch reflexes, the jocks began to win.  So we invented more powerful games, ones that used our minds (hey, Jocks were supposed to be dumber, right?) that didn’t use twitch reflexes.  Simcity.  Railroad Tycoon.  Civilization.  And the Jocks said “Hey, what about this DOOM game?”.  So we invented Zelda, and Starcraft, Final Fantasy and Madden, Halo and Diablo.  And the geeks were able to out twitch, for a while, because the controllers and controls were meant for geek hands,

But now…

Nintendo invented the Wii.  And the Wii was good.  And then the Jocks found it.  “Finally!  I can use my l337 skilz to pwn yuz, dood!”  Now, the jock can play baseball better.  He can play Tennis better.  And he can play Zelda better.

No more can we say “We are the lords of the Games”.  Because the Wii has evened the field.  And it’s time for the Jocks to have their revenge.

So, how long before we see the jocks beating down poor CS majors and stealing their Wiimote money?