Is it possible that a free backup solution is good enough for home and small business use? Most free backup solutions are good for backing up files and folders, but many lack the power to actually restore a system from a major catastrophe. Easeus Todo Backup attempts to break that mold by offering both file and folder backup as well as partition and disk backup so you can restore from either file loss or major disaster.


  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, Server 2000/2003/2008
  • Cost: Free
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Who’s it for?

Easus Todo Backup is for anyone needing a versatile backup solution. Easus Todo Backup is perfect for anyone needing a solid backup solution without having to have nearly the knowledge you would need for a solution such as Acronis. Anyone from the average user to a seasoned administrator can benefit from this wizard-based backup solution.

What problem does it solve?

From single directory backups all the way to drive imaging, Easeus Todo Backup can handle just about any backup need you can throw at it. You can even mount a backup once it is created to ensure your files and directories are safe.

Key features

  • Back up to image
  • Back up entire drive
  • Restore image files
  • Clone disk
  • Restore with bootable CD
  • Mount images
  • Validate image files
  • Easy to use wizards

What’s wrong?

The only problem I have found with Easeus Todo Backup is that a system restore MUST be done with a bootable CD. But this is the case with most backup solutions, so it is really not that much of a problem. There have also been reported bugs with Windows 7 where Todo Backup will always force a sector-by-sector backup which is incredibly slow. If this happens, a chkdsk is necessary before backing up.

Competitive products

Bottom line for businesses

Home and small businesses will very much appreciate Easeus Todo Backup’s no-nonsense, cost-free approach to backup solutions. For anyone needing a fairly straightforward backup solution, one that won’t require attending a seminar to understand, Todo Backup is the perfect marriage between features and simplicity. And the cost is right on.

User rating

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