It doesn’t matter whether you are a single-person consultant or a large multinational enterprise with thousands of employees – proper planning is always more efficient than flying by the seat or your pants. AceProject is a web-based project management suite of applications that provides the framework for better planning, regardless of your operation’s size.


  • Product: AceProject
  • Company: AceProject
  • Requirements: Modern Web browser
  • Packages: Hosted or self-hosted Intranet
  • Cost: Hosted packages range from free to $99/month, Intranet packages range from $1495 to $4695. Package costs are determined by the number of users.
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Who is it for?

AceProject is designed for any person or business trying to manage projects, tasks, or just business activity in general.

What problem does it solve?

Many of the available project management software available on the market are stand alone, old-style project management applications. Being a web-based application, AceProject adds collaboration and always available access.

Special features

  • Project management: AceProject has all of the usual features of a project management suite, including user assignments and task completion tracking. Ganatt charting is even available. Even though it is Web-based there are no missing features.
  • Document management: Versioning, file locking, and sharing are all part of the document management tracking system.
  • Timesheet management: For professionals, tracking time spent on a per client basis is a pain the in the neck that no one enjoys. AceProject tries to help ease the pain with a timesheet management system.
  • Expense management: Tracking and managing miscellaneous expenses is also one of the least favorite activities for business people. AceProject has an expense tracking module that helps reduce the burden.
  • Collaboration: The ability for users separated by distance and time zones to collaborate in real time on a project and keep it on track. This is where the efficiency of web-based applications is realized.
  • Ease of setup: For a hosted package, set up actually took less than a minute. Of course, you still have to enter your project information, but the framework on which it depends is up and running in a matter of moments.
  • Support: The AceProject website and support infrastructure is surprisingly proactive and informative.

What is wrong?

  • Speed: Because your project exists in the cloud, the hosted system’s response to your commands can be a little sluggish when compared to an onsite application. However, as I am writing this review I received news that AceProject is upgrading its servers, which may mitigate some of these concerns.
  • Learning curve: The AceProject suite of applications may be web-based, but it does not skip on features. New users to the system will likely go through a significant learning curve, especially if they have never used a project management system before.


Bottom line for business

Project management is often thought to be something large businesses use to increase efficiency, not something the one-man operation should be concerned with. But that is the wrong way to look at it. The long-term benefits of an efficient work flow governed by project management principles can mean the difference between attracting work and chasing it away.

With a web-based suite of project management tools like AceProject, small, medium, and large-enterprise businesses can benefit from a professional, highly sophisticated set of applications. The people at AceProject have made high-end project management available to anyone looking to get organized and an edge on the competition.

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