Whether you are creating training videos for employees or marketing presentation for vendors, multimedia can get help communicate your message. In many instances, the most efficient way to create a multimedia presentation is with screen capture software. AllCapture Enterprise, from balesio AG, is a solid example of an application that does exactly what it advertises it will do.

The reviewed software is AllCapture Enterprise and was provided by balesio for this review.


Minimum system requirements

  • Main Program:
    • Windows 98 or higher
    • Minimum 1.2GHz Pentium or compatible CPU
    • 256MB RAM
    • 50MB of available hard disk space
    • SVGA graphic card, 256 colors
  • Capturing Movies or Videos:
    • Windows 2000 or higher (formatted as NTFS)
    • Minimum 2GHz Pentium or compatible CPU
    • 1GB RAM
    • 30GB of available hard disk space
    • Dedicated SVGA graphic card with at least 256MB RAM (integrated graphic solutions are not suitable)
  • Company: balesio AG
  • Price: AllCapture $199 USD, AllCapture Enterprise $289 USD (both currently discounted)
  • Additional information from the vendor
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Who is it for?

AllCapture is designed for users who want to quickly create screen capture videos for training or other communication, especially if there is a need for annotation and other enhancements to the raw capture.

What problem does it solve?

AllCapture incorporates screen capture recording with the ability to annotate and apply special effects all into one relatively familiar interface.


  • Recording: The screen capture process could not be simpler. The user decides the screen size and clicks the record button. AllCapture follows every move of the mouse and every click of a button.
  • Annotation: Once your screen capture is complete you can add annotations to the video such as chat balloons, highlights, animations, images, and sound using the simple tools provided in the timeline editor.
  • Exporting: Your annotated screen capture can be exported into several different formats: Flash animation, Windows Media Player file, MPEG Video, and a playable executable file.

What’s wrong?

  • Learning curve: While the basic screen capture recording process is simple, learning how to take advantage of all of the annotation features efficiently will take some time. The learning curve is not too steep, but it is there and should be considered.
  • Flash movie support: The one export format that I would have liked to see is for Flash video files (.flv). That being said, MPEG is a generic-enough file type that you can generally find a way to convert it to just about any video format you want.
  • Basic features: The annotation features are simple to use and fairly powerful, but some more sophisticated users will want more. If you are an expert at the Adobe Photoshop Suite you will find AllCapture lacking a few features. But for typical business uses, what AllCapture offers will be adequate.

Competitive products

Bottom line for business

Communication is a primary skill for anyone in business these days. The ability to show a process via screen capture is arguably the best way to train your staff. AllCapture handles the recording of on screen actions with aplomb and is relatively simple to use. And while there is a small learning curve when it comes to mastering the annotation features of AllCapture, the curve is not too steep for most moderately tech-savvy users.

User rating

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The installation of AllCapture goes quick.

Setup Wizard

All setup and ready to go.

New project

Each screen capture in AllCapture is a project. This dialog box starts each project. From here you can set the configuration and parameters of your project.


Once you have recorded your screen actions, your are presented with this timeline editing screen. From here you can add annotations.


AllCapture can export your project into several video formats including Shockwave Flash and MPEG.


The included codecs for exporting files were surprisingly quick.

Editing interface

Each layer of the project gets its own timeline making editing much easier to see.