The more storage installed in an enterprise’s data center, the more likely it is that some of that storage space is under used. Finding and then reclaiming this dark storage, and putting it to productive use, is what the APTARE StorageConsole Capacity Manager is designed to do.


  • Supported Storage Arrays:
    • EMC CLARiiON and Symmetrix
    • Hitachi Data Systems Storage Systems
    • HP StorageWorks XP
    • IBM DS/ESS Series and N Series
    • LSI Storage Systems
    • NetApp Storage Systems
    • SGI InfiniteStorage
    • Sun StorageTek
    • Teradata Storage Systems
  • Supported Hosts:
    • Windows
    • Solaris
    • AIX
    • HP-UX
    • Linux
  • Supported Databases:
    • Oracle
    • MS SQL Server 2005
    • Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
  • Browsers:
    • Internet Explorer 7.0 + or Firefox 2.0+
    • Linux: Firefox 2.0+
    • Solaris: Firefox 2.0+
    • Portal Operating System:
    • Solaris 8 – 10 (SPARC Only)
    • Red Hat Linux Enterprise Server 4.0 and 5.0
    • Windows 2000 or 2003 Windows Server
    • SuSE Linux Enterprise 9 & 10
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Who is it for?

Any enterprise with enough storage capacity in the system to require active management will appreciate the benefits of the APTARE StorageConsole Capacity Manager.

What problem does it solve?

As the cost of electronic storage becomes ever less expensive, overall storage capacity continues to rise. But often the increased storage comes at the cost of under used capacity hidden within the system. The APTARE StorageConsole Capacity Manager finds this under used storage capacity and gives data managers and administrators tools to put it back into productive use.


  • Storage capacity reporting – as the amount of storage capacity grows within in an enterprise data center it becomes increasingly difficult to know exactly how much storage is actually available. The StorageConsole Capacity Manager reveals that information.
  • Web-based application – the StorageConsole Capacity Manager, and all of its corresponding reports and dashboards is Web browser based, making it relatively easy to work with and customize to your specific needs.
  • Storage use mapped – Not only will the StorageConsole Capacity Manager tell you how much capacity is available in the enterprise data center, it can also reveal how that capacity is being used.

What’s wrong?

  • Cost – the APTARE StorageConsole Capacity Manager is not inexpensive and is sold through third-party consultant agencies as part of an overall service package. Your final price will largely depend on the installed systems.
  • Enterprise-sized – along with the significant cost involved, this solution from APTARE is really designed for a significantly-sized enterprise. If you are a small office with a dozen or so users, the StorageConsole Capacity Manager is really much more than you need or would be willing to pay for.

Bottom line for business

Storage is relatively inexpensive these days, but if you are an enterprise of sufficient size, the management of storage capacity is still an important part of your overall IT management strategy. Finding unused storage and putting it to productive use with the APTARE StorageConsole Capacity Manager can save your company money and increase the ROI from your current storage array.

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