Disk fragmentation slows workstation and server performance, delaying file access by up to 80 percent. Auslogics’ Disk Defrag assists businesses and enterprise organizations by reducing administrative time necessary to optimize disk performance and protect against lost data and unnecessary wear and tear.


  • Manufacturer: Auslogics Software
  • Product: Disk Defrag
  • Version:
  • Operating systems: Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7
  • RAM: 32MB
  • Disk Space: 50MB
  • Downloads: Auslogics Disk Defrag
  • Price: $19.95 (volume discounts available)
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Who’s it for?

Disk Defrag 3 benefits users of Windows XP and later operating systems. Small businesses, mid-size organizations and large enterprises, in particular, all can leverage the advantages automated disk defragmentation utilities provide. Savings and efficiencies multiply according to an organization’s size; the larger the organization, and the greater the number of workstations and servers that must be maintained, the greater the time and performance savings that result.

What problem does it solve?

Disk defragmentation software helps protect against lost or corrupted data (by ensuring disk data is properly and efficiently stored on hard disk platters). Properly defragmented files are also easier to recover when disk failures occur. Using the software, even individual files can be selected for defragmentation.

Such software also boosts employee productivity by improving workstation and server file access times. Disk defragmentation tools reduce lifecycle hardware costs by contributing to longer disk and spindle life, while also freeing support technicians’ and network administrators’ time by eliminating the need for manual defragmentation.

Standout features

  • Ease of use: The Auslogics Disk Defrag 3 console and administration windows are easy to navigate, easy to understand and easy to customize. Despite offering additional advanced features, such as disk optimization (in which free space is consolidated, system files are relocated for optimal performance and regular files are removed from MFT Reserved Zones) and the ability to remove temporary files, the application remains easy to understand and configure. It is approachable, which means it is much easier for technology professionals to maximize the software program’s capabilities.
  • Flexibility: The Auslogics software is highly configurable. Administrators can choose to defragment a single file or folder. In addition, multiple drives (including flash memory) can be selected for simultaneous defragmentation.
  • Automation: IT staff seeking to automate disk defragmentation and optimization routines can do so using Disk Defrag 3. No error-prone or temperamental scripts or batch file processes are required to schedule disk optimization tasks. Simply check the appropriate selections and Disk Defrag performs as requested, freeing technology staff to dedicate attention to other responsibilities. Idle time scans, meanwhile, are set with just a few clicks.
  • Unlimited license option: Larger organizations and IT consulting groups can leverage Auslogics Software’s Unlimited License Option to better manage costs. For $1,320, organizations receive an annual unlimited license enabling staff to install the Disk Defrag 3 application on an unlimited number of computers.

What’s wrong?

No native enterprise console: Technology staff deploying Disk Defrag 3 within large enterprise environments must leverage imaging or third-party software distribution tools to efficiently deploy the hard disk optimization utility. No centralized administrative console, such as is often available with other systems management, antivirus or monitoring software, is available for installing and administering the Auslogics Software application.

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Bottom line for business

Just as organizations shouldn’t want CIOs or IT managers elbow-deep in Windows boxes repairing failed hardware, nor should they waste precious technology resources defragmenting and optimizing hard disk performance on workstations and servers. Auslogics’ Disk Defrag 3 eliminates the need for technology professionals to spend time or energy defragmenting hard disks and optimizing disk performance. And should errors occur, defragmented data is easier to recover. Disk Defrag 3 is a no brainer for businesses seeking to improve performance, boost productivity and protect data.

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