The Bomgar B200 provides small and medium enterprises with a secure remote desktop appliance that scales to 20 support technicians accessing the device simultaneously. These technical representatives can then support hundreds or even thousands of end users.


  • Manufacturer: Bomgar Corporation
  • Product: Bomgar B200
  • Version: 10.2.6
  • Operating systems: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista; Mac OS X; Linux (SuSe, Fedora, Red Hat and Ubuntu); Windows Mobile; or Blackberry.
  • Free Trial: Bomgar B200
  • Price: Approximately $3,000 per concurrent representative license
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Who’s it for?

Help desks, call centers and customer support offices can leverage the Bomgar B200 appliance to implement secure remote desktop access to users, clients, customers and others in local and remote locations. The appliance captures remote support sessions, which are subsequently viewable as Flash files. The Bomgar B200 targets organizations employing up to 20 technical support representatives; the B300, meanwhile, scales for even larger enterprises.

What problem does it solve?

Many remote desktop technologies are software-dependent and require that support session traffic and information pass through a third party’s servers. Because the Bomgar B200 hosts the remote sessions, all interaction is secure. Further, remote sessions can be recorded for audit purposes.

Users need not install software to enable the remote desktop support functionality, either. Using the Bomgar B200, users can simply connect to a Web address (as determined by the organization’s network administrators), from which point support technicians can step in to take over the user’s system and provide remote support.

Organizations that support multiple brands, product lines or clients can create customized portals. The Bomgar B200 supports creating separate portals that enable creating tailored landing pages and support options. Because these portals can be set up as separate queues, technical support representatives can simultaneously support multiple brands, product lines and clients.

Standout features

  • OS independent – Numerous operating systems are supported. All of the following are compatible with the Bomgar B200: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista; Mac OS X; Linux (SuSe, Fedora, Red Hat and Ubuntu); Windows Mobile; and Blackberry.
  • Security and auditing capabilities – Because the Bomgar B200 manages the remote desktop connections, including session creation and termination and all the traffic associated with the remote support event, no third party servers are required to host the remote support session. Since the remote support traffic remains on the organization’s network, security is greatly enhanced. Audit capabilities (all data from all remote sessions can be recorded, including sessions even where the user is not present at a remote desktop), further strengthen the B200’s security capabilities.
  • Enterprise scalability – The B200 supports up to 20 concurrent technical representatives. Further, new versions (beginning with version 10.2) of the B200’s software are compatible with the HP Service Manager and HP OpenView ServiceCenter management platforms.
  • Firewall transparency – Administrators need not change firewall settings or network configurations to enable Bomgar B200 functionality; the B200’s Web console only requires that basic network information (IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS servers) be supplied. Other than providing a power outlet and a static IP address, a simple registered DNS A record resolving to the public IP of the Bomgar B200 is all that’s then required to connect remote clients to the Bomgar appliance.
  • Active Directory / LDAP integration – Because Bomgar appliances integrate with existing Active Directory and LDAP directories, administrators need not recreate support technician user accounts, security groups or other user information. The Bomgar device can leverage existing directory accounts.

What’s wrong?

  • Internet connectivity required for remote location support – While an active Internet connection isn’t required to support remote users, clients and desktops located within the same physical office, an Internet connection is required for the B200 to enable remote desktop support for clients and customers in remote physical locations.
  • Expense – Many software-based remote desktop support solutions are less expensive to deploy. That said, it is what it is. Software-based remote desktop support is just that: software-based. Many software-based remote desktop support solutions quickly become unwieldy when deployed in an enterprise environment. Options for tailoring software-based technologies for multiple brands/clients can quickly become a tangled web of confusion, too. Because the Bomgar B200 is a hardware appliance, security, reliability and scalability are all ensured within enterprise environments.

Competitive Products

Bottom line for business

Small and medium enterprises typically need a secure, reliable and proven remote desktop support solution. The Bomgar B200 provides a multi-platform appliance that delivers scalable performance, high levels of security and simplified administration and configuration.

User rating

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