Brought to you by the guys at PcWinTech, CleanMem is designed to tackle the worst of memory leaking processes and shrink their memory footprint to improve system performance.

System requirements

  • Product: CleanMem
  • Company: PcWinTech
  • Operating systems: Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008 and 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Cost: No cost.
  • More Info: CleanMem website at

Who’s it for?

CleanMem is for the home and business Windows PC user, especially if you have a small amount of system memory installed in your PC. This tool caters to everyone ranging from computer neophytes to experts and power users.

What problem does it solve?

CleanMem allows you to reclaim memory and do so in robust fashion. The tool is designed to tame memory leaky applications and processes and, in return, make significant gains in freeing memory for other applications that wish to use additional memory.

Standout features

  • Tiny size: Coming in at only one megabyte in size, this application is diminutive and hardly consumes memory of its own whenever it performs optimization procedures. Another advantage to its tiny size is how it can be used as a portable application on the go that will barely take any space on any modern flash drive. Great for that quick memory fix on a PC without CleanMem installed.
  • Doesn’t reinvent the wheel: CleanMem utilizes calls to the Windows API to compact processes in memory. Not only is this method faster than other tools using an in-house designed engine to optimize, it is safer and far more efficient as it utilizes what already exists within the Windows operating system itself.
  • Very customizable: With ignore / allow process scripts, you can tell CleanMem exactly what processes should be left alone or included for optimization, tweak how often you wish CleanMem to run through the Task Scheduler in the Control Panel, and the ability to generate output logs that will show you before and after cleanup statistics for comparison.
  • Install it and forget it: With CleanMem, the install and setup is a no-brainer. Simply select the architecture of CleanMem you wish to install, let the setup run its quick course and you are finished! No additional configuration is necessary out of the box and it begins working right away.
  • Freeware: The best part of CleanMem is the price tag of $0. No more having to dig through your wallet to pluck down money on a memory optimizer that fails to deliver satisfying results. It is also permitted for use by both home and commercial users.

What’s wrong?

  • Lack of a GUI frontend: If you are not accustomed to using scripts to customize the behavior of CleanMem or if you want to have a central location to configure all the options with an intuitive GUI, this tool lacks such a feature that would definitely make adoption of the tool a lot easier for new users.
  • Community-run support: CleanMem is essentially provided as-is and support is limited to community-run discussion groups. No 24/7 around-the-clock phone support exists. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, unless you are trying to do something fancy with the tool in a corporate environment and need answers fast.
  • Can be detected as a virus: A small subset of anti-virus software programs may flag CleanMem as malware, even though it is perfectly fine and safe for use. If possible, you may need to add the program executable to the whitelist in your anti-virus software.

Competitive products

The bottom line

Without a shred of doubt, CleanMem has to be one of the most effective tools for getting rid of bloat left behind in system memory by applications. For anyone needing a bit of a speed-fix or some more room for other applications in memory, this tool is definitely for you. Don’t settle with a mediocre application that doesn’t do anything to help curb your memory consumption problem. Download CleanMem today and witness the power of a true memory optimizer today!

User rating

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