Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be a time and a budget sink for any company. However, with the right software package, this portion of your company’s day can be handled efficiently, reliably, and easily. The big problem is determining which software package to use. BrowserCRM is a Web-based application that works with any browser, and is cheaper than most other solutions.

System requirements and pricing

  • PHP 5.2 or higher
  • MySQL 5.x or greater
  • Apache (or another Web server)
  • Pricing for BrowserCRM is broken into two categories:
    • Server (you host BrowserCRM on your own server) with these details
      • Server (includes one year of maintenance)
      • 5 user pack $649
      • 10 user pack $1,149
      • 30 user pack $3,149
      • 60 user pack $5,449
    • Hosted (BrowserCRM hosts for you) with these details:
      • Hosted (includes all setup, upgrades, and maintenance)
      • 5 user pack $749/year
      • 10 user pack $1,349/year
      • 30 user pack $3,449/year
      • 60 user pack $5,849/year
  • Additional information

Who’s it for?

BrowserCRM is for any business (from small to large) looking for a complete customer acquisition and management solution.

What problem does it solve?

BrowserCRM solves the very complex needs presented by customer and resource management and does so with simplicity and ease. With this solution your staff will spend their time actually doing their job instead of having to figure out how to do their job. BrowserCRM is that simple to use.

Standout features

Easy to understand interface that makes the difficult task of managing resources/customers easy. BrowserCRM features include:

  • E-mail
  • File management
  • Task management
  • Opportunities discovery
  • Calendar
  • Memos
  • Jobs
  • Themes
  • Search
  • Bookmarks
  • Web site integration

What’s wrong?

Currently BrowserCRM does not have any module to deal with bank files or sales. This feature is listed as “coming soon”. The same goes for invoicing — it is listed as “coming soon” as well. Without these two modules BrowserCRM will require the addition of another tool. Once these modules are included, finding something “wrong” with BrowserCRM will be a tough task.

Competitive products

Bottom line for business

If you are looking for an outstanding, affordable CRM solution for your small to large business, BrowserCRM is the solution for you. And if your company isn’t in a place that it can host the tool internally, BrowserCRM offers a hosting service that can meet all of your needs. However, if you require financial integration you will want to wait until BrowserCRM is released with the appropriate modules.

User rating

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