How many machines do you have to monitor? And for what do you have to watch? Are you, on a daily basis, finding yourself falling farther and farther behind simply because you are having to remote in (or log in) to numerous machines to gather the necessary information? This is a problem many administrators and/or consultants face in their daily routine. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of tools out there that serve as dashboards to help you to know, right away, when there is an issue with a machine.

One of those tools is GFI Max RemoteManagement. This tool can serve as your one-stop shop where you can — at a glance — check on the status of every machine you are monitoring (so long as the client tool is installed on the remote machine). But is this the ideal tool for your network administration needs? Let’s take a look and find out.


  • The client tool will install on nearly any version of Windows from XP forward.
  • The web-based tool can work with Firefox, IE, Safari, and Chrome.

Who it’s for?

GFI Max RemoteManagement can be used by two different user groups. The first is a single company needing to monitor multiple machines – whether they be in a single site or multiple sites. The second is the consulting firm who needs to have a branded gateway with which to monitor client machines as well as allow the clients to log in and see the health of their machines. Either way you will have a single dashboard with which to monitor multiple machines.

What problem does it solve?

Managing multiple machines, sites, or clients can be a very stressful job. This is especially true when said machines are mission-critical. When clients or companies depend upon solid uptime and performance, it is your job to be able to quickly react when an issue arises. GFI Max RemoteManagement offers this in spades. With both a simple-to-use dashboard as well as email alerts, you will be much more capable of resolving issues quickly.

Key features

  • Server/Network/Website/Workstation monitoring
  • Patch management
  • Asset tracking
  • Reporting
  • System branding
  • Integration with many help desk, automation, ticketing, and other systems
  • Easy remote access with the help RDP
  • Alerting
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
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The dashboard gives you quick at-a-glance access to all of your configured machines. From here you can edit checks, remotely manage a machine, and much more.

What’s wrong

The biggest issue with GFI Max is third-party application integration isn’t as solid as it should be. Our consultancy uses Acronis Backup and Restore heavily, and the support for this backup is minimal. Although you can create plenty of monitors, checks, and alerts, some applications don’t work in ways that allow easy integration. Another issue is cost. In a sense, you are paying for a service and not a software. So you never really own your RemoteManagement software. Instead you pay a monthly fee to use the service. This can get costly, the more clients you have.

Competitive products

Bottom line for business

If you have numerous clients or numerous machines you must monitor, you need a tool like GFI Max RemoteManagement. Not only is it incredibly flexible and reliable, you can place your company branding on the tool so your clients always equate your image to that of their machines’ security and reliability.

User rating

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