The Help Desk – how the very term sends shivers down the backs of both end users and administrators across the globe. Most people assume the help desk is a man or woman on a phone reading from a script to try to help you through a problem. Not so in “our” world. In the world of IT, the help desk is usually a piece of software that serves to make our job significantly easier. But there are so many possibilities to choose from. Which of those hundreds of available help desk tools is right for you? Help Desk Software is a cross platform open source tool. Let’s take a look and see if this help desk tool is the one you’ve been looking for.


Who’s it for?

Help Desk Software is for any company needing a help desk system that won’t drain their IT budget. But don’t think you’re going to be installing a system that will solve all of your problems. Like a lot of software out there, Help Desk Software has its issues. In fact, this help desk software is so quirky only those who are true champions of open source will really appreciate what it has to offer.

What problem does it solve?

Help Desk Software gives a company a tool for reporting PC (and related) issues via a Web interface. This tool also allows the help desk manager to stay alert to ticket status as well as assign tickets to staff members.

Standout features

  • Free
  • Easy GUI installation
  • Frequent updates
  • Simple, clean interface
  • Very fast tool
  • Accessible developers who are happy to take feature requests
  • Email alerts

What’s wrong?

If you’re not into software filled with quirks, then this piece of software is not for you. There is little to no documentation, so figuring this tool out can be a challenge. You will find typos within the software as well as less-than-intuitive navigation. And finally the Help Desk Software website is rather challenging to navigate! If you are a company looking for a serious help desk solution, you better look elsewhere. And since there are other open source help desk tools that are dead-on outstanding (such as osTicket), Help Desk Software is a tough sell.

Competitive products

Bottom line for business

There are plenty of help desk solutions out there. And even though this tool is released under the open source license (which is near and dear to my heart), I have a tough time recommending this to anyone. Unless you like to tinker and could possibly be interested in building your own help desk loosely based on this tool, I would steer clear of Help Desk Software.

User rating

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