When you think of Office Suites most likely Microsoft Office and OpenOffice are the two that come to mind first. However, if you are a Linux user you probably know there are several alternatives to those two. KOffice is one of those alternatives, and it is the KDE Office Suite that holds a few surprises for those accustomed to the standard office suite.


  • Qt user interface framework 3.3.x or better
  • arts 1.3 or better
  • kdelibs 3.3.0 or better
  • Additional information

Who’s it for?

KOffice is for any business using the Linux operating system and the KDE GUI and looking for an alternative to the usual fare and needs an office suite that has more tools than either Microsoft Office or OpenOffice. KOffice is also perfect for any business on a tight budget and is looking to migrate from Microsoft Office.

What problem does it solve?

KOffice gives the business user a veritable Swiss Army Knife of office suites that can cover nearly any need, and does so without breaking the bank. The KOffice suite also offers a productivity suite that is perfectly integrated into the KDE desktop so there is little to no configuration necessary to ensure a simple migration for the end user.

Standout features

The KOffice suite has far more features that most suites. These features include:

  • Word Processor
  • Spreadsheet
  • Presentation
  • Database
  • Flowchart
  • Vector Drawing
  • Pixel image manipulation
  • Project management
  • Chart and graphing
  • Formula editor
  • Report generator

KOffice also offers a large number of import/export filters for all of the tools.

What’s wrong?

The biggest issue surrounding KOffice is its ability, or inability, to handle Microsoft Office documents. Although the word processor does a good job of importing/exporting Word documents (with some exception for advanced formatting), once you go beyond the word processor you will have issues with Microsoft documents (such as xls, ppt, etc). This is a deal breaker for many users who have to communicate with other businesses using Microsoft Office.

Competitive products

Bottom line for business

KOffice is the perfect solution for any business looking for a free alternative office suite that contains more tools than the average. But any business who has to communicate with outside sources using Microsoft Office might want to steer clear of KOffice until the day comes when spreadsheets and presentations can move back and forth.

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