Review: macOS Finder alternative Commander One 2 features great enhancements

Commander One 2 is a macOS Finder alternative that offers Mac users choice and flexibility. Cloud storage support is a key enhancement in the file management app's latest release.


Figure A: Commander One 2 offers dual-pane file management and administration.

Erik Eckel

Navigating a Mac, locating cloud storage resources, copying and moving files, and performing a host of other actions are common, everyday activities typically fulfilled by macOS' integrated Finder; a number of alternative file management utilities offer such capabilities and more. Eltima Software's Commander One 2 release adds important cloud connectivity options, performance tweaks, and additional capabilities.

The free version of the file management app packs support for multiple display modes: Full, Brief, or Thumbs. The complimentary edition also includes a simple radio button revealing hidden files, the popular twin-pane file management window missing in Finder, and support for multiple tabs.

The premium Pro Pack adds numerous features and capabilities; the cost is $29.99, and a free 15-day trial is available. The developer also offers migration discounts, incidentally, for users of competitive programs seeking to move to Eltima's solution.

With the Pro Pack in place, Commander One transforms from a basic file management utility into a more versatile program with an integrated terminal emulator window, FTP manager, compression and extraction capabilities, and Eltima's CloudMounter file encryption. The premium package also includes a Process Viewer for managing active processes.

Cloud storage support is among the greatest enhancements included in version 2. Commander One provides direct access to Amazon S3, Backblaze B2,, and Google Drive, among other cloud storage providers. In fact, any storage app that also plugs into Finder works with the program. 

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Keyboard shortcuts are another helpful feature. Open Commander One 2, and you'll immediately notice a series of shortcut key reminders along the app's bottom menu bar (Figure A).

Pressing the F3 button displays information for the highlighted folder or file, such as an item's size and actual disk location. F4 serves as an editing shortcut for the highlighted text files. F5 serves to copy files, while F6 assists moving files. In both copy and move operations, Commander One 2 opens an assistive window that speeds the process of copying and moving files to your intended destination. F7 creates a new folder in the highlighted location, while F8 performs the delete operation.

Certainly, macOS users have numerous file management options, and Commander One 2 is at the top of the list for most-helpful utilities. With the Pro Pack loaded, Commander One 2 combines file transfer monitoring, dual-pane administration, and cloud services support with an integrated Process Viewer and Terminal emulator.

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