If your company creates its own software, has its own Web site, or needs to keep track of software-related issues, then you need a bug tracking tool. Naturally, there are tons of such tools available. Many of these tools are either complex to use or complex to install. MantisBT, on the other hand, is both simple to use and simple to install. This open source bug tracker is written in PHP, uses MySQL, and can be installed on Linux, Windows, Mac, OS/2, and more.


Who’s it for?

MantisBT is for any company that relies on a centralized system in order to keep track of software/Web site bugs. This system can be used by any level of business from SMBs to large enterprises.

What problem does it solve?

MantisBT is a full-featured bug-tracking system that not only keeps track of bugs, but includes a user system so that multiple users can interact and multiple projects can be tracked.

Standout features

  • Simple installation and use
  • Supports projects, sub-projects, and categories
  • Various levels of user access
  • Changelog support
  • “My View” page
  • Search and filter tools
  • Reporting and graphing built in
  • Custom field support
  • Email notification
  • Customizable issue workflow

What’s wrong?

MantisBT is an amazingly simple tool to install. However the included download file does not contain any documentation. Instead you are directed to the on-line documentation from within the /docs/directory. It would behoove the MantisBT developers to include this documentation within the tar file (since it is rather brief). Outside of that, MantisBT is rock solid.

Competitive products:

Bottom line for business

Bug tracking is a key issue for so many companies. Without a solid bug tracking system your software or Web site development would be severely handicapped. Finding the right mix of cost and solution is crucial in today’s economy. MantisBT solves all of these issues in one fell swoop. At no cost (thanks to the GPL) you can deploy MantisBT and have an easy to use, dependable bug tracking system up in less than five minutes.

User rating

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