If you run a business office and you have to book resources, you know how complicated this can be without the proper software to handle the task. There are many, costly, proprietary systems that aren’t nearly as reliable as the open source solution Meeting Room Booking System. MRBS (as it is often referred as) is a simple to use, reliable, resource booking system that won’t break your IT budget or force you to overcome a steep learning curve.

System requirements

  • Apache Web Server
  • MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • PHP greater than or equal to 4.3.2, with support for your chosen database
  • Additional information

Who’s it for?

Meeting Room Booking System is suited for any business (small to large) needing a Web-based resource booking system but with a limited budget and/or system resources with which to work.

What problem does it solve?

MRBS solves the very challenging problem of scheduling resources and does it simply and cheaply. Instead of having to pay for costly solutions with steep learning curves, Meeting Room Booking System solves the issue in such a way that even the less-than-PC-savvy can quickly get up to speed.

Standout features

  • Flexibility: One of Meeting Room Booking Systems’ best features is its flexibility. This system allows you to set up a reservation system that can be applied to just about any type of resource: from rooms to employees to equipment.
  • Speed: MRBS is also fast. Due to its tiny footprint, MRBS can take older hardware and turn it into a booking system that you would swear was run on a bigger machine.
  • Installation: Along with the simple end-user learning curve, MRBS is easy to install and configure. Configuration is handled via a simple format, flat text file where users and administrators can be added, as well as other configuration information such as site identification information and all calendar settings.

What’s wrong?

  • Security: The biggest drawback for using MRBS is the security of using a flat text file for configuration. In order to gain a modicum of security for this you would have to take a few steps with permissions and quite possibly look into encryption. If this system is to be used internally, without fear of anyone hacking into your network, or you are not concerned with the security of your booking system, the issue is almost mute.
  • Collaboration support: Another issue with MRBS is its inability to work in conjunction with groupware clients. This is a deal breaker for many, but if your office has a central point of contact for booking resources, this is not an issue. And you can also set up MRBS so that anyone can access the calendar, but not edit it.

Competitive products

Bottom line for business

Meeting Room Booking System is perfect for any business looking to cut costs on applications and where all of the bells and whistles of say, Microsoft Exchange, are not needed. Meeting Room Booking System will save you time and money from day one and its flexibility will allow you to create booking systems for nearly any type of resource you have to schedule.

I have deployed MRBS for a number of clients, all of which quickly grow to love and depend upon the system.

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