When the admin is away, do the servers still play? One way the administrator can find out is by setting up a system where he or she is alerted to server downtime. Another option is to download the ServerUp mobile app for Android; this tool allows the admin to check on their servers (as long as they have WAN-side access) so they can rest assured that the machines are humming along. Find out more about this sweet little tool’s features.

System requirements

  • Android phone
  • Server (external WAN-side access)
  • $2.99 (for purchase on the Android Market)

Who is the target market?

ServerUp is for any network administrator with an Android phone who requires 24/7 server monitoring capability. If you have a tricky server or a twitchy client, or if just need to know if your machines are up and available, ServerUp is the ideal mobile connection tool.

What problem does it solve?

ServerUp eliminates the need for email alerts about your servers (if you are so inclined to only rely on one method). It’s also very convenient to have a system in the palm of your hand that will instantly check on server status for you.

ServerUp works by running a user-configured test (such as a ping test, traceroute, WHOIS lookup, etc) on the configured server and then, if there are errors, issues an alert to the configured user.

Standout features

  • Configurable frequency for checking of server status.
  • Configurable timeout allowed for server to respond.
  • Configurable notifications for failure.
  • Checks the status when the phone is not active.
  • Configurable TCP connections, including HTTP, POP, SMTP, IMAP, and more.
  • Shows if ServerUp fails to connect to your service.
  • Checks ping statistics for your server.
  • Provides live whois data.
  • Provides trace route information.
  • Offers Enable/Disable any and all hosts.
  • Comes with logging.
  • Multiple ports for the same host.
Various checks. If you long press a host, you can run various checks on that host.

What’s wrong?

  • iPhone users need not apply.
  • There have been issues with Wi-Fi causing false-positives with ServerUp, but the false-positives can be verified with a simple ping test.
  • It would be nice if the developers would offer a free version with fewer features (or could only set one host) so users could test the app before buying it.

Bottom line for business

Network administrators know that system uptime is critical to job security. Since it’s unlikely that admins will camp out in front of their servers and never leave the server room, it’s a good idea to have more than one way to monitor servers. ServerUp is a great way to stay in contact with your servers when you’re on the go. Network admins who have an Android phone need this tool.

User rating

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