Human Resource Management is a key need for any business — no matter the size. For some companies a simple spreadsheet will suffice. But for other companies, much more information is necessary. For those larger companies it is crucial to keep track of numerous areas for employees. Personal data, work history, benefits, time, attendance, leave, as well as personnel recruitment are all critical to keep employee/staff management working like a well-oiled machine. But how do you manage such a task? Fortunately there are plenty of HRM (Human Resource Management) tools available. One of those tools is OrangeHRM, which is one of the world’s leading open source HRM tools.


Who’s it for?

Orange HRM is a resource management tool for any SMB or enterprise looking for a cost-effective tool to manage a large number of human resources tasks in a Web-based, user-friendly tool. And with the ability to purchase support, add-ons, customizations, and even hosted services, OrangeHRM should appeal to any size business.

What problem does it solve?

OrangeHRM solves the often daunting task of managing all aspects of employees/staff and does so without the usual steep learning curve associated with many HRM tools.

Standout Features

  • Easy installation/administration
  • Personal information module
  • Employee self-service module
  • Report generation
  • Leave module
  • Time/attendance module
  • Benefits module
  • Recruitment module
  • Support available for purchase
  • Customizations available for purchase

What’s Wrong?

The biggest hurdle to Orange HRM is so many enterprises will see it labeled open source and turn away from it. This should not be a make or break defining point, but for many it will be. The ability to integrate into an accounting package would also make Orange HRM a seriously player in the enterprise world. Unfortunately, out of the box, there is no accounting integration.

Competitive Products:

Bottom Line for Business

OrangeHRM is quickly becoming the de facto standard for open source human resource management tools. No matter the size of your business, your human resources department could easily benefit from an OrangeHRM installation.

User rating

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General information

Before you do anything, you should fill out the company general information.

Add employee

Before you can get too detailed with employee information, you will have to create jobs, projects, etc for the employee to be a member of.

Add jobs

From the Admin drop-down, select Job Titles and you can add and manage different positions within your company.

Configure benefits

Benefits include both payroll as well as a health savings. You have to first define an HSP before you can add employees. To add an HSP click on the Define HSP entry in the Health Savings Plan menu.

Update employee status

There are already plenty of pre-defined employee status entries in Orange HRM. If you have needs outside of the standards, you can easily add/modify to suit your company.

Bug reporting

Orange HRM includes a convenient bug reporting tool to keep your administrators and developers on their toes.