Most enterprises depend upon PDFs in one form or another. Whether it is to create brochures, forms, documents, whatever – you need to use PDF files. Most people assume there are only a few choices for creating/editing PDF documents. Having a tool that can work across all operating systems can be a must-have for any enterprise/business with a heterogeneous network of computers. PDF Studio, from Qoppa Software, is a much-needed, cross-platform, suite of tools that allows the user to edit, annotate, extract, and do just about anything to or for a PDF document except create it.


  • Platform availability: Windows, OS X, Linux
  • Programming platform: Java
  • Developer: Qoppa Software
  • Pricing: $60.00 USD per license
  • Additional information

Who’s it for?

PDF Studio is perfect for any business or enterprise that needs a cost-effective solution for PDF manipulation.

What problem does it solve?

PDF Studio can solve a multitude of PDF problems that, in some cases, would require more than one application to handle.

Standout features

  • Scan to PDF: Using your scanner you can scan documents directly to PDF
  • Comment: Annotate your PDF documents with easy to use comments
  • Text search/extract: Search text within a PDF and extract text from PDF documents
  • File Embedding: Embed files in your PDF documents
  • Preflight: PDF/X preflight compliance
  • Bookmarks: Add/edit bookmarks within PDF documents
  • Header/Footers: Add headers and footers to your documents
  • Watermark: Add watermarks to your documents
  • Batch processing: Allows you to work, easily, with multiple PDF files
  • Interactive Forms: Fill out and Import/Export data into and out of interactive PDF forms

What’s wrong?

There are two big issues with PDF Studio: The first is built into the very foundation of the tool – you can not create PDFs with PDF Studio. Instead PDF Studio is about editing PDFs, extracting text from PDFs, and scanning documents into PDFs. If PDF Studio would add the PDF creation functionality to this tool it could easily displace the competition.

The second issue is the learning curve. Of course this is a typical problem when dealing with such a powerful tool. The new-to-average user will quickly be overwhelmed with the amount of tools PDF Studio has to offer.

Competitive products

Bottom line for business

PDF Studio is an outstanding entry into the PDF editing market. You will find this tool will quickly become a daily must have if you do much work with PDFs. PDF Studio’s ability to manipulate PDF documents is outstanding. Any business would do well to take advantage of this gem of a bargain. Just make sure you have a tool that will allow you to create PDFs along side PDF Studio.

User rating

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