Most administrators carry around their tools in either flash drive or CD format. Those tools tend to be rescue CDs, antivirus removal disks, root kit removers, partition tools, and much more. To accommodate all of these tools, most administrators wind up with a tool kit containing 5-10 disks. But what if you could have all of those tools on a single, multi-boot CD? That would be the ideal solution for the administrator that is always on the go, handling multiple challenges.

Well, this is not a pipe dream. A multi-boot rescue disk is very possible (and actually easy to create) with the help of Shardana Antivirus Rescue Disk Utility (SARDU).


Supported operating system: In order to use SARDU to create your bootable disk you have to use it the Windows operating system. This will work on XP, Vista, and 7.

Supports numerous administrative tools (to find the complete list go the SARDU website and click the links for:

Who’s it for?

SARDU has a limited audience – system administrators. The average user would get nothing out of this tool. The administrator, however, gains a huge advantage over any administrator not taking advantage of such a tool. With the ability to create a single CD/DVD/USB that contains multiple rescue tools, your job is made quite a bit more efficient. So any administrator looking to keep a nearly complete toolkit on a single disk would happily achieve that goal using SARDU.

What problem does solve?

Do you carry around numerous disks with various types of tools? Wouldn’t you rather be able to carry around a collection on a single bootable disk? That is exactly what SARDU does – it allows the administrator to keep a collection of bootable images on a single disk (or USB device). This makes for some very efficient system administration. Instead of having to keep multiple rescue disks with you, you only have one.

Standout features

  • Supports numerous system rescue images
  • Simple to build ISO or bootable USB device
  • Quick build process
  • User configurable
  • Shallow learning curve
  • Portable
  • Free
  • Rescue tools are also free

What’s wrong?

There was only one problem I encountered with SARDU and that was not all of the listed rescue tool ISOs work with the builder. This could be caused from either an out of date ISO or a too new release of an ISO. But this is not across the board. The ISOs I had problems with were Puppy Linux, Bitdefender, and Damn Small Linux.


Bottom line for business

As an administrator your job needs to be as efficient as possible. The biggest hurdle to that job is having the right tools. And having the right tools within your reach at all times makes your job infinitely easier. Having the ability to create a veritable “Swiss Army Knife” rescue CD is one of the best things an administrator can do for themselves. Although not perfect, SARDU does make the process of creating a multi-boot rescue CD as simple as possible from within the Windows operating system. This multi-boot CD can remove viruses, rootkits, manage partitions, clone, and do plenty of other tasks.

User rating

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