Malicious software – unwanted adware, spyware, Trojan programs and other malware threats – plague technology professionals and business systems. These incessant programs foil IT pros’ attempts to keep business systems running smooth and trouble free. SuperAntiSpyware Professional, however, is a non-disruptive, time-saving and easy-to-use utility that administrators and support technicians can wield to prevent infections and efficiently recover when infestations occur.


  • Manufacturer: SuperAntiSpyware
  • Product: SuperAntiSpyware Professional
  • Version: 4.26
  • File Size: 5.5MB
  • Operating systems: Microsoft Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP Home/XP Professional/2003/Vista
  • Languages: Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Macedonian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish.
  • Download: SuperAntiSpyware Professional
  • Price: $29.95 (corporate licensing available)
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Who’s it for?

Windows computer users, IT consultants, computer service and repair shops, and small businesses will all find SuperAntiSpyware Professional an effective program for blocking and removing spyware, adware, Trojans, keyloggers, hijackers, worms and other malicious software. Even enterprise environments can leverage the software’s strengths.

What problem does it solve?

Spyware and malware threats increase daily. Most every Windows system connected to the Internet requires capable virus and malware threat detection. Often a one-two punch of separate antivirus and antispyware programs — standalone applications combined on the same workstation — is necessary to effectively secure systems. When employing such a tandem, administrators and support technicians need a fast-working, reliable antimalware tool that minimizes false positives while delivering thorough removal.

SuperAntiSpyware Professional monitors 50 different common system entry points to help prevent real-time infection. The software also packs some two dozen automated repair routines in addition to the standard scan and removal options. Further, the professional version enables scheduling canned or custom scans, automatic updates, system diagnostics and registry protection.

Standout features

  • Thorough detection – SuperAntiSpyware detects and removes malware infections other antimalware programs miss. In several real-world cases on my office’s test bench, where problematic client PCs showed “clean” following scans using other leading antispyware programs, SuperAntiSpyware detected and removed active Trojan infections, thereby returning systems to proper operation.
  • Real time protection – The professional version includes active protection against real-time threats. The antimalware application automatically scans files before they run; manual scans are not required to identify and remove potential threats. When threats are detected, the application prevents offending programs from executing.
  • Automated repair routines – Support and bench technicians frequently repeat the same repairs when troubleshooting infected systems. Whether it’s resetting Internet Explorer security zones, repairing hijacked browser and system settings or fixing corrupt WinSock LSP Chains, SuperAntiSpyware provides one-click fixes for some two dozen common errors.
  • First Chance Prevention – SuperAntiSpyware’s First Chance Prevention feature makes it easy for technicians to specify that high-risk registry start up locations automatically be reviewed when a user logs off or shuts a system down. By checking for infections that attempt to replace themselves at shutdown, this “first chance prevention” method helps eliminate vexing malware threats that constantly reinstall themselves.
  • Light footprint – SuperAntiSpyware places little load on Windows workstations, at least when providing active protection. When providing real-time security, the service consumes just 616KB of RAM on a test system in which other antispyware applications consume 15MB-20MB of RAM or more. Scans place a higher demand on system resources, however. When performing full disk scans, RAM consumption jumps to 70MB-80MB, while CPU cycles rise from negligible to 40%-70%.
  • Attractive license pricing – SuperAntiSpyware is competitively priced. At $29.95 per license, the publisher also permits users to install each full priced license on two workstations within the same office or organization. Volume license discounts of 20 percent kick in when purchasing 10 licenses. Forty percent discounts take effect at just the 50 user level, and lifetime licenses (which eliminate renewal fees of $14.95 per year) are only $9.95 more each.

What’s wrong?

  • No native 64-bit protection – SuperAntiSpyware operates on 64-bit platforms, albeit in 32-bit mode. The software company plans true 64-bit drivers “later this year.”
  • No centralized administration – SuperAntiSpyware targets small businesses and individual computer users. Currently no centralized enterprise administration console is available; although volume licenses (which could be slipstreamed within disk image installs) lower the software’s cost as much as 86% when purchasing 1,000 licenses or more.

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Bottom line for business

Combating malware is a daily frustration in the lives of most technology professionals. Simple antispyware tools that complement antivirus applications without causing incompatibilities, performance issues or other errors are necessities in most every technology department and/or consulting shop. SuperAntiSpyware uses few resources during its active protection mode. And although full disk scans trigger a significant jump in RAM and CPU cycles, such scans can be scheduled for off hours. The application is consistently accurate and effective in detecting and removing threats, which makes it a valuable addition to any computer tech’s toolbox.

User rating

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