So Outlook Express and Microsoft Mail are simply too pedestrian for you. You want something more integrated and feature rich for your email, as well as some additional support for external web services, such as file sharing sites and more. If you want your experience with email supercharged on your Windows PC, look no further than to Postbox.


Postbox truly takes POP3 and IMAP4 mail to a new level, and my initial experience with the software is nothing but positive. The user interface is clean and organized much like you would expect in a desktop email program. However, any similarity with the likes of Microsoft Outlook and Windows Mail essentially stops there, once you get into the features.

For all the Gmail fans out there, Postbox supports that service right out of the box (no pun intended) including the ability to utilize custom Gmail labels, archive messages and a dedicated view for messages labeled as important. Social network integration is a nifty feature with Postbox, and it allows you to download contact information from all your connections, making it easy to send email to all of them. You can even update your status messages on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook through the interface as well.

A feature I take a particular liking to is what Postbox calls “Intuitive Conversation Views”, which not unlike Gmail, keeps message threads organized in an easy to follow fashion, eliminating repetitive “Next Message” type button clicking exercise for messages within the same stream of conversation. The user interface is well thought out and I didn’t have to hunt and peck in a help file to figure out all I wanted to know. If I want to send a file to someone, but would rather not attach to an email message, Postbox can create Dropbox links on your behalf, making file sharing child’s play.

Bottom line

Now one question remains. Is the price right? At about $29.95 for a license, it’s not too bad. However, when you are competing against the free options that exist out there, it can be a tough sell for most folks. Personally, I’d strongly recommend this application for anyone who has serious email needs, wishes to manage multiple accounts without breaking a sweat, and above all, wants a centralized communications hub from which to do anything and everything. Thankfully, Postbox is offered with a free 30-day trial, so you can take it for a spin and see whether or not the added features are worth the money.

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