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In the era of remote work and nontraditional instruction, the modern home often serves as a virtual office and online learning center. As a result, many people are investing in solutions to upgrade their existing home workstations and dedicated monitors are a popular option at the moment. Beyond the workday, some monitors also offer after-hours leisure when paired with compatible gaming systems for added utility throughout the day.

At the moment, there are innumerable dedicated displays to choose from and the right fit will depend on a person’s intended use and needs. We recently tested the Vissles-M, a 15.6-inch touchscreen monitor that is compatible with certain laptops, smartphone models, and popular gaming systems. The unit certainly looks impressive on paper and out of the box, but how does the spec sheet measure up against other popular monitors?

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Design and unboxing

Overall, the Vissles-M boasts a low-profile, highly portable design. The unit weighs under 1.4 pounds and measures about 0.4-inches at the thickest part along the base. The appreciatively minimal bezel doesn’t waste space on anything other than the 15.6-inch 1920 x 1080 Full HD touchscreen display.

The model we tested also included a magnetic protective cover. This accessory folds flush with the front of the device when stowed and magnetically attaches to the back during use. The cover consists of three rectangular segments and the lower portion can be angled outward kickstand style for optimal tabletop positioning.

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The bottom of the unit features a pair of rubberized grips to hold the unit in place during use and a pair of small slots just inside of these grips dish out ample audio from the internal speakers. The ports and controls are all situated along the side of the unit. This includes two USB-C ports, one Mini HDMI port, and a 3.5mm earphone jack. There’s also a basic power button and a small switch to control volume, brightness, and other preferential settings.

The product also comes with a host of cables to connect with a vast spectrum of devices and systems. This includes one USB-C to USB-C cable, one Mini HDMI to HDMI cable, USB-A to Type-c cable.

Image: Visssles


Impressive build aside, the Vissles-M does have a few compatibility issues to consider. Most notably, the touchscreen feature only works with Android and Windows systems, and those hoping to pair the unit with an iPad Pro are only able to mirror the display sans touchscreen, per a Vissles representative. The touchscreen function was not compatible with any of our devices during testing.

Additionally, to function with an Android phone, the device will need to support the TV-out function, per Vissels. As for operating systems, the Vissles-M is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Chrome OS, Linux, and Mac OS. Gamers in particular will appreciate the vast range of compatible systems including Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PS4.

Image: Visssles

Highly portable with compatibility issues to note

The Vissles-M is exceptionally lightweight making the unit highly transportable; a must with any portable display. The unit easily slides into many standard laptop sleeves for convenient stowing on the go, although the protective cover may not offer enough support to ensure structural integrity in a stuffed pack.

As a dedicated secondary monitor, the Vissles-M passes muster depending on the workstation and one’s needs. Individuals who prefer to stow a few perpetually open tabs in a peripheral monitor will certainly appreciate the crisp 1080p display. However, among professionals accustomed to more advanced multimonitor arrays, the 15.6-inch monitor may leave more to be desired.

Overall, the portability adds to the multifunctional potential. During the day, we used the unit as a second monitor and quickly repositioned the unit on the coffee table after hours to stream television shows and movies. The anti-glare screen is a nice touch offering crisp views in less than ideal lighting.

There’s certainly an appeal here for gamers and that may be the target market for the Vissles-M. The ability to connect compatible gaming systems or smartphones and manage gameplay either on the device or on the touchscreen itself offers tremendous versatility. When paired with a Switch or PS4, the unit acts as a highly portable arcade system for those so inclined.

Image: Visssles


The Vissles-M is normally priced at $229, but is currently available for $199 on the company’s site. At the moment, this pricing puts the Vissles-M on par with other similar products in this specific market. For comparison, the Lenovo ThinkVision M14 14-inch portable monitor is currently available for $224. Both models feature 1920 by 1080 Full HD capabilities and are highly portable lightweight options. However, the Vissels-M touts a larger screen, protective cover, and touchscreen capabilities for less money.

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Then again, not everyone in the market for a portable monitor is necessarily looking for a touchscreen-enabled model and there are less expensive and capable portable monitors on the market. For example, Lepow’s 15.6-inch portable monitor offers 1920 by 1080 Full HD, both USB-C and HDMI connectivity, as well as a protective cover and is currently available for $189 on Amazon. The decision is more about workstation preference, gaming, and one’s penchant for touchscreen first and foremost.

Overall, the Vissles-M is a highly portable and capable touchscreen display. The touchscreen capability is a selling point for some, but not everyone. That said, those in the market for a portable touchscreen display should certainly give the Vissels-M (and the list of compatible devices) a deserved look. However, those who may not necessarily need the touchscreen capabilities should consider a less expensive monitor and potentially divert this spend toward a larger screen in general.