Last weekend I went to visit some friends in Salt Lake City and, of course, check out some of the local ski resorts. While the US city founded by Mormans who fought (and conceded) with the United States Government over their practices of polygamy in the 1800s seems a bit backwards in some ways I was impressed by their innovative lift tickets.

After purchasing my lift ticket at Solitude Mountain Resort I noticed they were using RFID tags to check the passes of guests. Usually lift tickets are either paper or barcoded that require a lifty to check them before one hops on the ski lift. With the RFID tag (pictured below) one just has to put the lift pass in a pocket and you are scanned automatically as you pass through the RFID gate. No lifty required to check your pass which saves the mountain money and allows for faster access to the lifts. A win-win situation I think.

Now, if only those savings could be passed on to guests for cheaper lift tickets…

The RFID tag lift ticket at Solitude Mountain Resort