The 7th annual RoboGames was held April 23-25, 2010 at the San Mateo Fairgrounds in California. The competition featured combat robots, walking humanoids, soccer bots, sumo bots, and androids that do kung-fu. On the results page on the event’s site, you learn that: 17 countries were represented; there were 59 events, 489 entries, 508 robots, and 667 engineers. The site lists the Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners.

CNET blogger James Martin says “…the big draw is the awesome power of the combat robots. In weight classes up to 340 lbs., these monstrous machines are fast and deadly. Covered in armor and outfitted with frightening weapons that spin, hack, flip, and saw, teams come from around the world to compete in these events in which hundreds of hours of work and thousands of dollars in parts can be destroyed in seconds.”

In this CNET video clip, you hear from one contestant who admits that they spend hundreds of hours building and tuning their robots, which might get obliterated in several minutes.

Watch highlights from RoboGames 2010 in these two videos.

Feeling inspired to build your own robot? If so, download this combot tutorial (367 pg. PDF) by Team RioBotz, winners of several championships. Or, check out the book Robot Invasion – 7 Cool and Easy Robot Projects, which Geekend blogger Wally Bahny reviewed for our 2009 Geek Gift Guide.

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