Who said that GitHub was only useful for hosting code?

Following a trail that has been blazed by EuRuKo 2012 and Sapporo RubyKaigi 2012 conferences, a new Australian Ruby conference, dubbed RubyConf Australia, is using GitHub to receive proposals for talks at the event.

In order to submit a proposal, potential speakers need to fork the RubyConf Australia 2013 Call for Prosposals repository, edit the example README.md file to add details of the proposed talk and speaker profile information, and then create a pull request of the fork.

“Given that most Ruby programmers are very conversant with using GitHub, it seemed a very natural choice,” said conference co-chair Keith Pitty.

“We were inspired to use GitHub by a suggestion from a member of the Sydney Ruby community. He had submitted proposals for Sapporo RubyKaigi, and found the process of using pull requests to work well. I then discovered that EuRuKo also used the same method for accepting talk proposals. Both conferences have excellent reputations.”

RubyConf Australia is due to be held in Melbourne’s Jasper Hotel on 21 and 22 February — tutorials will be held on 20 February.

Headlining the conference will be The Pragmatic Programmer co-author Dave Thomas. Thomas will be joined by Corey Haines, Aaron Patterson and Sydneysider Mikel Lindsaar.

RubyConf Australia’s call for proposals is open until 31 October.

“Having announced the CFP last Friday, we have already received nine talk proposals.” said Pitty.