Run Terminal Services in Remote Administration Mode on Windows 2000

Learn about the Terminal Services option as your tool for remote managementin Windows 2000 Server.

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Many remote management tools exist to help you remotely manage your organization's servers. Some examples of these tools include pcAnywhere and Virtual Network Computing (VNC). Of course, each tool has advantages and disadvantages.

When you need to manage a server remotely on the LAN or via a VPN connection to a remote network, Terminal Services just might be your best solution. All you need to do is enable Remote Administration Mode for Terminal Services on the server.

To enable Terminal Services, open the Add/Remove Programs applet in Control Panel, and click Add/Remove Windows Components. Scroll through the list of components, and select Terminal Services. Click Details, select Enable Terminal Services, click OK, and click Next.

The Windows Components Wizard then asks if you want to run Terminal Services in Remote Administration Mode or Application Server Mode. Choose Remote Administration Mode, and click Next.

When prompted, provide the Windows Server CD, and restart the server after installation is complete. After the server reboots, you'll be able to connect to the server using Remote Desktop Connection.

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