It’s a regular frustration to me that Web developers so rarely test their code in Internet Explorer. That’s because Firefox is far and away the most popular browser that developers use, and has been for years.

So I was surprised when I read that my colleague Andrew Mager — a Web developer here at CBS Interactive who also writes for TechRepublic’s sister site ZDNet — was debating whether Apple’s Safari 4 could become the new standard for Web coders.

Apple just released the first public beta of Safari 4 today, touting it as the “world’s fastest Web browser.” After using it all day as his Web development browser, Mager argues three reasons why Safari 4 is actually

  1. It is the first browser to pass the Acid3 test.
  2. Its on-board Web console offers improvements over Firebug.
  3. It shows breakdown of all the resources that it takes for a page to load.

Read Mager’s full article and check out his visuals of Safari 4.