Salesforce, Apple forge iOS mobile app development partnership

Salesforce's mobile app for CRM will be revamped with native features for Apple's iOS platform.

Salesforce is leaning on low-code to bring more platform access to its admins Low-code orchestration allows businesses to get a minimum viable product out the door fast and customize it to the user's needs, Salesforce's Tony Colon told TechRepublic at Dreamforce 2017.

This article originally appeared on ZDNet.

Salesforce and Apple have formed a partnership that will bring exclusive features from CRM apps to iOS devices.

Under the partnership, Salesforce said it will redesign its app to run native on Apple's iOS and add exclusive features. Salesforce will also launch a Salesforce Mobile SDK for iOS and optimized for Apple's Swift as well as developer courses on Trailhead.

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The Salesforce Mobile SDK for iOS will be available by the end of 2018 with the rebuilt Salesforce Mobile App available in early 2019. A Trailhead Mobile App will launch later in 2019.

Apple under CEO Tim Cook has formed a bevy of partnerships with enterprise technology players including Cisco, Accenture, SAP and IBM. These partnerships revolve around bringing enterprise apps native features to iOS, which is the dominant mobile platform in the enterprise.

According to Cook and Marc Benioff, co-CEO of Salesforce the new features on iOS and more native tools for Salesforce CRM will bolster customer experiences.

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The companies said the initial focus of the partnership will revolve around Salesforce iOS apps that will offer Siri Shortcuts, Face ID integration and Business Chat. Salesforce's Lightning Platform will also be integrated with the Salesforce Mobile SDK.