This is a guest post from Larry Dignan. You can read the original article on Larry’s blog Between the Lines on TechRepublic’s sister site ZDNet.

Apple’s iPhone app parade got an early jump on the 3G version of the popular device Thursday, but business and productivity apps seem to be lagging in the back of the line.

Aside from and Oracle, enterprise heavyweights seem to be sitting out the early wave of iPhone apps (Techmeme, statement, iTunes 7.7 download).

Here’s an early look at the most popular business apps–popular is a bit relative since the store is launched before the 3G iPhone and we’re all window shopping:

As you can see from the screenshot, Salesforce Mobile and Oracle Business Indicators are prominent. Other business apps fall into the more personal business category and focus on tracking expenses, yellow pages, flights and Bloomberg, which would probably be my first app downloaded since I’m a financial nerd.

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On the productivity side of the house, Apple’s App Store has a bunch of apps that I wouldn’t necessarily call must haves. A lot of to-do list sort of apps. Photobucket for iPhone and QuickLight I suppose are productive, but your IT department may beg to differ.

Perhaps things on the business side of the iPhone will pick up, but the early days will probably focus on the games. There’s no lack of selection there, which is probably why I’ll opt for a new iPod touch over an iPhone. I’m not going to bluff that the iPhone is going to make me more productive. I’ll stick to what works–an iPod touch with plenty of items to help me pass some time on the trains, planes and automobiles.