Salesforce launched its Einstein Analytics app portfolio on Thursday, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to boost the analytics capabilities available to users on its CRM platform. According to a press release, it will help find new insights and recommend “actions to accelerate sales, improve customer service and optimize marketing campaigns.”

Customers already have access to some analytics tools in Salesforce, but Einstein Analytics is supposed to weave AI into those tools so that they provide more effective results. Analytics are more “important than ever before,” the release said, and the new offering could help users improve their approach, without having to write the algorithms themselves.

“With Einstein Analytics, every CRM user can now see not only what happened in their business, but why it happened and what to do about it, without requiring a team of data science experts,” Ketan Karkhanis, general manager of Salesforce Analytics, said in the release.

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Some of the apps in the portfolio are specific to roles in areas like sales, customer service, and marketing, the release said. These apps measure a set of key performance indicator (KPIs) that are specific to that role, in order to help the user do their job more effectively. For example, apps specific to marketing professionals will offer certain actions to take to improve a campaign, based on the data presented, the release said.

Salesforce also launched Einstein Discovery, which provides “actionable AI” to users. Einstein Discovery checks the validity of trends in data, explains how it identified the trend, and walks users through next steps they can take to act on it, the release said. After looking at sales data, for example, Discovery can identify what factors most impact the closing of a deal, and how that varies by location and more, the release noted.

As reported by ZDNet’s Larry Dignan, business users can also build their own models in Discovery in order to glean insights from their data.

In order to help its users get started working with analytics, the release said, Salesforce has also released 12 online learning courses to build out user knowledge of Einstein Analytics. Additional apps in the Salesforce AppExchange provide professionals with a way to boost the power of Einstein Analytics as well, the release said.

Einstein Discovery is available now, starting at $75 per user, per month. Custom Einstein Analytics Apps, also available now, cost $150 per user, per month to start. More pricing information is available here.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. Salesforce’s new Einstein Analytics app portfolio wants to add additional AI power to the platform’s analytics tools, making it easier for businesses to get real insights.
  2. Some Einstein Analytics apps geared toward sales, customer service, and marketing are built around the KPIs for those segments.
  3. Salesforce also launched an “Actionable AI” tool called Einstein Discovery, which allows users to build their own models for data analytics, among other features.