Samsung 160GB hard driveSamsung showcased a 1.8-inch (the size of a hard drive in an iPod), 160 GB hard disk that could potentially be used with iPods, camcorders, and other portable devices. The Spinpoint N2 160GB drive runs at 4,200 rpm and can store an astounding 40,000 mp3 files or 100 HD quality movies.

A quote from an article at PC World:

“The 1.8-inch HDD market will grow at a tremendous pace with annual sales expected to increase up to 65 per cent by 2010 as consumers demand smaller, more compact technology devices,” said Andrew Higginbotham, director of hard drive sales and marketing.

Also, Samsung has been doing well in its memory chips segment. This year it witnessed a rebound in DRAM prices, and the flash memory segment is also seeing growth.

A quote from an article at BusinessWeek:

“We’re witnessing a significant rise in NAND chip demand for new applications like high-end handsets and portable multimedia players,” Chu said. “DRAM chips are also selling well amid the seasonal back-to-school demand for computers and other gadgets.”

Memory is one workhorse that drives all digital equipment, and more memory in smaller packages is great news for media users.