Samsung can’t catch a break. After issuing a recall and exchange program for its Galaxy Note7 devices with batteries that reportedly exploded, the replacement phones seem to be experiencing the same issues.

As the Wall Street Journal reported Friday, a news station in South Korea known as YTN reported on Thursday that recipients of replacement Galaxy Note7 devices noticed their smartphones overheating or losing power while charging. These issues are similar to what was initially report from users when the battery controversy originally began.

Despite the similarities, the Journal reported that a Samsung spokesman said the issues were isolated and not related to the batteries. The official number of incidents hasn’t been noted, but they seem to be confined to South Korea for now, according to the report.

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This news comes only a few days after the US government officially got involved in the problem, formally issuing a recall for the 1 million affected devices in the country. While the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) initially only issued a warning, it launched a formal recall on September 15.

Samsung had originally tracked the problem to defective battery cells from a certain production run. Being that the battery in the Galaxy Note7 is non-removable, the company had to issue full device replacements.

However, many users were slow to trade in their phones. In the interim, Samsung issued an OTA software update that capped the battery charge at 60%, in hopes of preventing future incidents.

After Samsung began hounding customers, though, more devices were exchanged. Costco reportedly called every customer who purchased a Note7 in their store to alert them of the replacement program. As of Thursday, September 22, 500,000 replacement phones had been shipped.

If those devices have similar problems, though, Samsung will have a lot of work on its hands. And, if they don’t get this under control soon, their stock price may continue to plummet.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note7 replacement phones are experiencing overheating and battery charge issues, as reported by South Korea’s YTN.
  2. The Samsung Galaxy Note7 was officially recalled by the company and the US government over battery issues that led to overheating and explosions.
  3. The recall has hurt Samsung’s stock price, which has fallen dramatically in recent weeks.