Today Samsung presented its latest Galaxy phones at its Samsung Unpacked 2020 event. The most anticipated announcement wass the Samsung Galaxy S20 (its expected name, thanks to leaks), a flagship phone that ZDNet’s Larry Dignan said “will likely kick off the real 5G upgrade cycle for both businesses and consumers.” The Korean technology company launched a new foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Flip, which folds horizontally, similar to the recently released Motorola Razr.

The event started at 2 p.m. Tuesday, broadcast from San Francisco–you can watch a replay on Samsung’s website and Samsung’s social channels.

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The new Galaxy ZFlip phone.
Image: Screenshot

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Rebecca Hirst, Samsung marketing director, announced the new Galaxy Z Flip, a foldable phone that folds into a square. It has a 6.5-inch screen with very little bezel. It comes in three colors, mirror purple, mirror black and mirror gold (in select countries).

Users can still get notifications and even take a selfie without opening the phone. Hirst said the screen is made of an ultra-thin glass that folds and can be folded and unfolded 200,000 times. It has a free stop hinge, allowing users to open and close to whatever angle they wish, and even set it up in an L-shape, to make it almost like a mini-laptop for taking hands-free selfies.

Marketing Director Rebecca Hirst took a hands-free selfie.
Image: Screenshot

Samsung Galaxy S20 camera

The Galaxy S20 has a 64 megapixel camera, which includes Space Zoom, which includes a 10x optical zoom, and a 10x digital, which equals 100x zoom, said filmmaker Sam Evans. No matter where you crop the photo, you can get a crisp, clear photo.

With artificial intelligence the S20 has Single Take Mode, which uses AI to take different versions of same moment. Take a short clip up to 10 seconds, and it gives you handful of best shots to pick your favorites. It uses AI to group content, making it easier to navigate your photos. And it can recognize your regular subjects.

Image: Screenshot


The Samsung S20 has 8K TV technology, capturing videos in 8k, which you can cast to any 8k TV with one tap. In that video, you can crop any frame and get a 33MP frame from the video.

It includes Super Steady mode to help stabilize the shot using AI. With a micro SD, users can add 1.5 TB of storage to the phone.

The S20 Ultra version has a 108MP camera with Bright Night sensor for low-light photos with 9-in-1 binning.

Samsung will also include YouTube Premium with all phones.

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Video calls

Through a partnership with Google, Google Duo will be natively integrated on S20 and Z Flip. With a wide-angle camera and 5G, users get a clear connection with no friction. If no one answers, leave a video message. It also has live caption technology for those with hearing issues.


The phone has LPDDR5 RAM, which Samsung calls a “Game changer for Gamers.” Through a partnership with Xbox, Forza Street is coming to S20.

The phone has hyper-fast response touch creating powerful performance, with minimal lag.

Galaxy Buds Plus
Image: Screenshot

Galaxy Buds Plus

Samsung introduced the Buds Plus, available for $149 on Feb. 14. Two speakers are optimized for high notes and bass, keeping music crystal clear.

Users can long-press and get recommended songs through Spotify.

The buds have three microphone for calls, picking up the user’s voice even on crowded streets. Users can switch quickly between devices by tapping the media panel on the phone. It works seamlessly with iOS, as well. Powerful, flexible, easy to charge. With wireless charging and powershare there are no cords. A user can charge the buds between one subway stop to the next and get enough charge for one hour of use.

They can last 11 hours, and with a charging case, can get up to 22 hours of play time.

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On Sunday, T.M. Roh, president and head of Mobile Communications Business for Samsung Electronics, wrote a blog previewing the event:

“It’s our responsibility and opportunity to shape the next ten years of mobile innovation, starting right now at Unpacked. No company is better suited to take on this massive challenge than Samsung,” Roh said. “What an exciting time for Samsung, our industry and consumers.”

Image: Samsung