Wednesday, Samsung announced a host of new products at Galaxy Unpacked 2020. Two of the more standout unveilings include a pair of tablets: The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+. These latest tablets build on the foundation of the Tab S6 with a focus on remote collaboration as more organizations shift to the virtual office due to the coronavirus pandemic. Here are five of our favorite Tab S7 and S7+ features for telecommuting business professionals.

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Plenty of room to work

The Tab S7 features an 11-inch display and the S7+ includes a massive 12.4-inch AMOLED display for those looking for a little more digital workspace. In the era of the Zoom room, this ample viewing area enables professionals to attend virtual conferences with a more spacious look and feel. The larger display area allows users to more aptly run several applications on the screen at the same time. For those who prefer even more screen space, Samsung representatives at a press briefing explained that the Tab S7 will also support wireless stack, allowing users to project their screen onto larger compatible displays.

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Enhanced S-Pen

Samsung also announced all-around updates to the S-Pen. The new S-Pen is a bit larger than its predecessor, however, it’s also more responsive. The new model touts a latency of nine milliseconds, according to Samsung. With reduced lag, this near real-time response rate gives the S-Pen a more “natural” feel when taking notes or adding to the virtual whiteboard during a video conference. The slightly bulkier build also gives the new S-Pen a tactile experience more comparable to a traditional pen or pencil.

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The Tab S7+ and the S7 will also be the first tablets with 5G capabilities available for purchase in the US, according to Samsung. This 5G connectivity will enable snappier downloads, increased bandwidth, and crisper virtual conferencing from afar. These new capabilities, of course, can only be used if 5G is available in your area. There are still gaps in 5G coverage around the country, meaning many may have to wait to fully realize the potential of their Tab S7 and S7+ tablets.

Image: Samsung

The keyboard reimagined

The keyboard also receives a few key upgrades with the latest tablet iterations. Both new tablets feature a wider touchpad with multi-touch gesturing. The S7+ keyboard boasts an entirely new sixth row of function keys for improved performance. Samsung has leveraged this expanded touchpad, multi-touch gesturing, and new function keys to create a more traditional PC workspace feel with the versatility of a tablet.

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DeX upgrades

In the past, some users have had to use dongles or cables to take advantage of Samsung’s DeX, a platform that converts a tablet to computer functionality. With the latest tablets, DeX will automatically load once the keyboard is attached to the display, according to Samsung. This means users will no longer need dedicated accessories, further streamlining workflows and workstations.

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With these upgrades, Samsung has engineered the Tab S7 and S7+ to enhance the user experience for remote collaboration and more. As organizations continue to adopt telecommuting policies in the short-term and long-term, the S7 and S7+ offer remote workstation capabilities with the versatility of a tablet.

Image: Samsung