Samsung launches S Pen SDK for Galaxy Note 9

The move expands the third party Galaxy Note 9 developer possibilities for the Bluetooth Low Energy enabled S Pen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9's S Pen: Why business users will love this accessory The Galaxy Note 9 comes with a redesigned S Pen that will be great for business users who want to transform their phone into a complete organization and productivity device.

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Samsung launched its S Pen software developer kit for the Galaxy Note9 in a bid to get third party software providers to buy into the stylus and enterprise possibilities.

The company tipped its plans for the S Pen SDK when it launched the Note9. As a refresher the S Pen for the Galaxy Note 9 uses Bluetooth Low-Energy so the stylus can be used as a remote control for presentations and operating the camera.

For Samsung's Galaxy Note 9, the S Pen game plan revolves around making the stylus a more natural and meaningful to interact with apps and the smartphone. Samsung's S Pen also has an opportunity given that Apple didn't add Apple Pencil support to its latest line of iPhones—XS, XS Max and XR.

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The SDK documentation highlights how the S Pen's remote control functions can work and be implemented. Samsung noted that the SDK can add S Pen functionality to "as many app features as you want."

According to Samsung, the framework is that S Pen's BLE transmits to the S Pen Framework that'll produce an event for an application. BLE events are not sent directly to the app, but are converted to events by the S Pen Framework.

Here's a look at how the framework works and all the documentation for developers.

Image: Samsung

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