Samsung announced the new Galaxy Note 9 at a Samsung Unpacked event on Thursday. The new device is an effort from Samsung to really focus on its enterprise and B2B customers, Eric McCarty, Samsung Electronics America vice president of mobile product marketing, said at the event.

The phone will be available in both blue and lavender, as those colors tested best with customers, according to McCarty. The blue phone will have a yellow S Pen with standard yellow writing color, while the lavender S Pen will also be lavender with the writing color to match. The S Pen is also getting Bluetooth connectivity, which will allow users to control the camera shutter and conduct music playback, according to event presenters. But that’s not the only new feature.

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Here are some of the other key features from the Galaxy Note 9 that business pros should pay attention to:

1. Massive storage

There are two configurations for the Note 9: The 128GB and 512GB. The 128GB has 6GB of RAM, and the 512GB has 8GB of RAM. But, if you pair the 512GB model with a micro SD card, the phone can reach a terabyte of memory. This kind of phone memory is great for professionals who need to store and access large files on the go.

Niche companies have attempted to launch phones with a terabyte of memory, however, those phones costed well over a grand. Samsung is the first major brand to release a phone that is expandable to 1 terabyte and geared towards business pros.

2. 24-hour battery life

With a 4,000 mAh battery, the Galaxy Note 9 can hold a charge all day–literally 24 hours. This battery life is significantly higher than the Galaxy Note 8, which had a 3,500 mAh battery. A 24-hour battery life is fantastic for traveling business pros, who may not reach an outlet until the end of the day. Remote workers can greatly benefit from the battery life as well, being able to access important files from anywhere without concern of the battery depleting.

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3. Intelligent camera

With the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung introduced the dual camera. With the Galaxy S9 came the super speed dual pixel dial aperture. Now, the Galaxy Note 9 brings intelligence to its camera. The intelligent camera has a scene optimizer, according to McCarty, which looks at an image and allows the user to identify it based on 20 predefined types of scenes. By comparing the image to a predefined scene, the camera can optimize the picture more accurately by adjusting brightness and other settings.

The camera also has flaw detection, recognizing image blurs, lens smudges, back light, and eye blinks. It is even able to alert the user that “someone may have blinked,” said McCarty.

4. Security

The Galaxy Note 9 has some updated security, with Knox 3.2. Samsung Knox keeps personal and work data separate, keeping sensitive work materials safe on your device. The new version has a more simplified deployment and granular management, making it more user-friendly, according to event presenters.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Samsung announced its new Galaxy Note 9 smartphone at a special event in New York City on Thursday.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features a terabyte of storage, 24-hour battery life, intelligent camera, and updated Knox security.