Stephen Hawke, senior manager of product strategy in the immersive products and virtual reality division, Samsung Electronics America, spoke with TechRepublic’s Senior Writer Teena Maddox about how with Samsung’s S Pen, users can take the pen to paper, in the form of the Notebook 9 Pen.

“We’re out here at South by Southwest, we’re showing off our new Notebook 9 Pen product,” revealed Samsung’s Stephen Hawke, senior manager, product strategy in the immersive products and virtual reality Division, Samsung Electronics America. “We’re showing off specifically the S Pen functionality. The S Pen is iconic, for some of our latest Samsung devices across our portfolio, phones, tablets, PCs, as well now. If you’ve ever used a laptop or a mouse or a laptop touch pad to try to draw an image on your computer, you’re really hindered with that capability. But with the S Pen, it adds a new level of creativity, and that more human-like input to these devices. You can actually draw pictures, and what we’re doing here today, is doing adult coloring books, drawing in the pictures and then creating own images from scratch. So really excited, and it’s been going really well in there so far.

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Today we’re showing off — in partnership with our media partner Pitchfork — (that) we created several images in black-and-white. People can select which image that they want to draw on, and basically with the S Pen we pull up the “air command” functionality, and you can use Smart Select to capture that image, and then it’ll put it up for editing. Now you can go in, you can choose which color you want to use, the size of the pen and just color in the lines here. And people inside are much better than I am, but this is essentially some of the functionality that we’re showing. And you can just keep coloring your image and then when you’re ready, you can save that, you can share it out across email to yourself so that you have that at home as well, and have a memory with you from South by Southwest.”