SAP says that its new sales-force automation product, due to be launched this month, will be compatible with Apple’s iPhone.

Bob Stutz, an SAP senior vice president, noted that “The iPhone has become such a popular thing. Everybody wants the ease of use of the iPhone.” He added that, “the first generation of the iPhone software will load business contacts, information on sales prospects, and account data onto the device.”

Excerpt from CNET

Stutz said that SAP had decided to introduce the iPhone software ahead of programs for those devices at the request of its salespeople, saying they prefer using iPhones to the other devices. The iPhone software, part of a new sales-force automation suite from SAP, uses a Web-based interface with drag-and-drop tools similar to ones available on Google.

At the initial glance, it’s interesting that SAP is introducing an iPhone version ahead of clear enterprise devices, such as RIM’s BlackBerry, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, and Palm’s Treo devices.

However, the use of a Web interface probably indicates that SAP made a decision to go “mobile” rather late in the product development cycle. At the moment, the iPhone presents the most advanced and consistent Web interface among the other platforms, hence the choice. Riding on the popularity of the iPhone won’t hurt either.