Did your last consultant produce results? Did you receive a return on your investment, or did you waste your time and money? Did he or she comprehend your problem? Did the consultant have the technical skills to problem-solve effectively? We want you to tell us if your last IT consultant was up to snuff.

With many firms and individual consultants dependent on word of mouth as a primary marketing strategy, your referrals and repeat business are a matter of life and death to these nomads of the IT world. In a recent TechRepublic survey, 81 percent of consultant respondents said their clients were satisfied or highly satisfied with their work. Would the consultants you’ve hired say you’ve been satisfied with their work? Now’s your chance to back up their claims or set the record straight.

If you hire consultants or if you work with them, we want to hear from you. Please take our short survey and tell us about your experiences. We’ll share those results with you in a future story.

Respondents will earn 500 TechPoints, which can be exchanged with other community members for information in our Technical Q&A.
TechRepublic member and manager Mark Smith told us, “Consultants brought in by upper management with only a general purpose typically end in failure.” Do you agree with Smith’s standpoint? Why or why not? Send us an e-mail detailing what you think makes or breaks a consultant’s success.