How to save Android battery by limiting background activity

With the help of Android Oreo, you can prevent apps from using your battery when they should be closed.

Save Android battery by limiting background activity

With every release of Android, battery life gets better and better. However, there are times when things, or should I say apps, get away from you and start draining your battery. Most often this happens when an app is running in the background. When this occurs, those apps can gobble up your battery for extended periods of time, and soon your device won't have enough juice to get you through the day.

Starting with Android Oreo, you can prevent an app from running in the background, thereby preventing it from using up precious battery life. But how do you do this? It's actually quite easy. Let me show you.

How it works

Open up the Settings app and tap the Battery entry. In this new window, scroll down until you see the listing of apps. Each app will display how much of the battery it has used. Locate and tap the offending app. In the resulting window, tap to disable Background Activity. That's all there is to it. Sort of.

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You've prevented that app from using your battery when it's not in use, but if you open up the application manager, you'll see that application might still be running in memory. To close the app, open the application manager and swipe the app from the list. This will close the app and prevent it from using your battery.

Android has become quite adept at handling power management. You only have to remember to fully close those apps for which you've limited background activity. Otherwise, they could continue draining your battery ... even when they seem to be out of sight and out of mind.

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