My week is pretty jammed working on a “secret project” for

TechRepublic. As such, I’m having trouble deciding which of these 13


to use as the basis for the Sept. 7 edition of Geek Trivia. (As to why

these 13, each of them has some hook into the workweek of Sept. 5 to

Sept. 9.) If my dozen or so loyal readers have any opinions about which

of these 13 I should focus upon, I’d love the input.

  1. Voyager 1
  2. St. Gotthard Tunnel
  3. The tank
  4. United States v. Microsoft
  5. Submarine Turtle
  6. Google
  7. F/A-22 Raptor
  8. V-2 Rocket
  9. Marshall Space Flight Center
  10. The Man Trap (Star Trek episode)
  11. Genesis spacecraft
  12. Computer bug
  13. Unix billennium

You’ll note that each of these links to the Wikipedia, perhaps the one

true indispenable resource in my work to craft fresh Trivia every week.

Alas, the Wikimedia Foundation has grown so popular and expansive that

their hardware is straining under the weight of their traffic and

storage demands. So, like any good non-profit, they are undertaking a fundraising drive to buy better infrastructure.

I plan to donate personally, and if you want to see Geek Trivia live

long and prosper, I recommend you do the same. If you want a little

something for your trouble, there’s always the Wikipedia Gift Shop.

So in summary: Vote, then donate. That is all.