After upgrading your iPhone to iOS 7, you may discover that your battery life isn’t what it once was. This is because iOS 7 comes a few more background services (and other features)
that help drain your phone’s battery. Fortunately, we have a
few tips that can help you get that outstanding iPhone battery life back.

None of these tips will harm your device. Some of them might
disable services you actually want, so choose carefully what you disable (or
enable, as the case may be). With that said, let’s dive in.

1. Disable background app refresh

This is a big one. With iOS 7, all apps constantly refresh
their data in the background, allowing you to multitask. However, background
updating can take its toll on your battery. To disable this, tap on Settings
| General | Background App Refresh and set it to Off (Figure A).

Figure A

iOS 7 running on a Verizon-branded iPhone 5.

With this disabled, your apps (such as Facebook) will only
update their data when the app is open.

2. Location tracking

A good number of the apps are constantly tracking your
location (even the camera). Go to
Settings | Privacy | Location Services, and all of the apps that use Location Services will be listed on this page. From here, you can either shut off this service completely or shut down the service on a per-app basis. You can also shut off Location Tracking for System
Services. Do this carefully, disabling only those you know you don’t
need. To do this, tap System Services and disable the Location Tracking for
each system service you don’t want included in the feature (Figure B).

Figure B

You can disable Location Tracking on System Services.

3. Turn off AirDrop

AirDrop is a feature that allows you to share files with
other iOS 7 devices on the same network. If you don’t use this feature (or when
you’re not using it), you should shut it off. To do this, open up the Control
Center (swipe upward on the home screen), and then tap the AirDrop icon (Figure
). When the popup appears, you can turn AirDrop off completely or make it
available for Contacts Only or Everyone.

Figure C

Switching off AirDrop from the Control Center.

4. Turn off certain notifications

By default, the Notification Center will watch for and
display quite a lot of notifications. Fortunately, you can turn off the ones you don’t
want. Just tap Settings | Notification Center and scroll down
until you see the Include section (Figure D). From here, you can
specify if you want Banners, Alerts, or None. Certain apps allow you to include
even more information (such as a specific amount of alerts or items).

Figure D

You can remove apps from the notification system here.

By removing these apps from the notification system, iOS 7 will stop watching those services, thereby saving a small amount of battery

If you’re looking to regain a bit of battery life from your
iOS 7 device, give these tips a try. You won’t reclaim an extra workday’s worth
of battery, but you will find a significant decrease in the drain placed on
your iPhone battery.

Do you have additional tips for preserving battery life in iOS 7? Share your experience in the discussion thread below.