Save steps when wrapping text and inserting worksheets in Excel 2007

Excel 2007 contains a number of improvements that make your job easier. Here are two tips that, prior to Excel 2007, required multiple mouse clicks. Now you can perform these tasks with a single click of the mouse.

Prior to Excel 2007, if you wanted to enter First Quarter 2006 Sales on two lines in a single cell, you had two choices: You could type First Quarter, press [Alt][Enter], type Sales, and then press [Enter]; or, you could right-click the cell, select Format Cells, click the Wrap Text check box on the Alignment tab, and then click OK. When you typed the text in the cells, it would wrap automatically. In Excel 2007, you can accomplish the same thing with one mouse click. After typing the text in the cell, simply click the Wrap Text button on the Home ribbon (near the center).

Also, in earlier versions of Excel, you had two choices for adding a worksheet to your workbook, both of which involved at least two mouse clicks. You could go to Insert | Worksheet, or you could right-click a Sheet tab, click Insert, and then click OK. With Excel 2007, you simply click the Insert Sheet button to the right of the Sheet tabs to add a new worksheet.

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