As sci-fi fans, we have all felt the unbearable heartache of having our beloved geek-centric television shows heartlessly canceled well before they had their rightfully deserved chance to jump the shark. With some of the most promising sci-fi shows ever produced scheduled to debut later this year, fandom has taken a page from the preemptive warfare playbook and started petitioning to save these shows from cancellation–before they even exist.

This public service announcement from Remote Viewing sums up the case pretty well, and mentions the prime subject of pre-cancellation show-saves, Joss Whedon’s upcoming Dollhouse series on FOX. Devout Whedonites have already begun a petition to stop FOX from canceling Dollhouse, even though it isn’t scheduled to air until January of next year as a mid-season premiere. (Hat tip, SFSignal.) Yeah, that post-traumatic stress from FOX’s mangling of Firefly still hasn’t settled out.

Now, before you argue that this is just another case of sci-fi fans taking themselves too seriously, I offer the following Webcomic counterpoint: Save Hiatus. SH is a delightfully gleeful parody of everyone involved in these make a great show, cancel it, then freak out and fight to uncancel it exercises that the Internet era has made commonplace. No one is spared, from fans to producers to TV networks to the normal bystanders who just don’t get it. Thus, never let it be said that geeks (at least some of us) don’t know when we’re acting ridiculously–or that we don’t know how to capitalize on it.