If you’re a Linux user and tired of having the Linux side of your dual-boot system suck up more battery power, LessWatts.org might just be the place for you to visit. The site offers a wealth of various tips and tricks for reducing the power requirement of your Linux laptop and desktop systems.

Excerpt of the welcome message:

LessWatts.org is not about marketing, trying to sell you something, or comparing one vendor to another. LessWatts.org is about how you can save real watts, however you use Linux* on your computer or computers.

LessWatts is about creating a community around saving power on Linux, bringing developers, users, and sysadmins together to share software, optimizations, and tips and tricks.

Here are some of the tips, helpfully classified by subsystems:

  • Switching off auto association on your Wi-Fi
  • Disabling TV, VGA or DVI out
  • Enabling SATA Aggressive Link Power Management (ALPM) feature
  • Enabling laptop mode

Do you have any power-saving tips that you figured out on your own? Why not share them with us here?