Technologia, the official guild of TechRepublic, is still going strong with several new members joining in the past week or so. However, as the guild leader who pays attention to such things, I get the feeling that many or taking it easy this month. There is less activity within the guild as members spend some time with family and friends, doing things in meat space as it were.

Why would members of the Technologia guild take a break from playing World of Warcraft — in preparation for the coming of the World of Warcraft expansion, the Burning Crusade. When the expansion hits the market in late January, all of the high-level guild members will have 10 new levels to complete and new worlds and dungeons to explore. Which means there will be less time for family and friends and work and all that real-life stuff that always gets in the way of game playing?

So if you are a game widow or otherwise neglected relative or friend of a World of Warcraft gamer, I suggest you take advantage of this temporary lull to get reacquainted. Because in about a month, they are going to be too busy fighting demons and earning gold toward a flying mount to deal with your so-called real life.

To give you a taste of what Technologia and all World of Warcraft players are looking forward to, I have attached the Burning Crusade trailer.