ScanSafe announced its Anywhere+ Web security service for policy enforcement and real-time malware protection for mobile workers.

An excerpt from InternetNews:

Dan Nadir, vice president of product strategy for ScanSafe told that his company realized there was a missing piece of the puzzle when it talked to customers about security: “Companies think everyone uses the VPN. That mindset is about protecting the company. When you ask what about when the VPN is not on, a lot of times we get dead air. So this lets them send users out there with the same protection they would get behind the network.”

Scanning data at its source is emerging as one of the most prominent techniques to tackle the ever-evolving strain of malware. ScanSafe has a reputation for delivering security services in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.

The new service brings real-time scanning to all traffic and policy enforcement for mobile workers.

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